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 Over Thirty Years in the Electronic Industry

 Setting New Performance Standards

Leading the Way With Innovative Training and Repair Techniques 


Our Years of Experience and Dedication to Service Deliver

  A Source that is Knowledgeable in Manufacturing, Development, and Operational Theory

Providing You with the Lowest Cost While Maintaining the Highest Level of Quality



     Service Dedication     

We Service all Radios, Compact Disc/Cassette Stereos and Related Electronic Components. Our Services cover Complete Restoration including Preventative Failure Diagnosis and Replacement of Standard Defective or Worn Components.

When sending Your radio or stereo for service, it is our goal to make certain that you enjoy trouble free operation with all functions of Your Equipment.

Our Low Cost is a Result of Our Attention to Detail and Our Ability to Diagnose Electronic and Mechanical Design Malfunctions.

These Attributes Allow us to Focus on Design Procedures for Repair and Testing that Professionally Restore Your Radio or Electronic Component Providing You with trouble free listening pleasure.

Prices reflect all normal component failure part replacement. If Your radio or component is in need of additional parts or services, we can in some cases take care of the situation at no additional cost.

Damaged or Excessively Worn Components may require Additional Charges.

Let us know if you are in need of any additional services, we're always ready to help.

All parts and services carry a one year (non transferable) warranty and we stand by our service. Just let us know if you have any problems. We are here to help.

Our Goal is to Deliver the Lowest Cost while maintaining the Highest Level of Quality.

We will stand by You, Customer Assistance,  Professional Service, and The Lowest Cost.




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